Friday, November 14, 2008

men who look like aging tom boy lesbians

Shepard Smith. On air personality with odd gift of making Graham Norton look butch. Bowdoin College, `89. Go Polar Bears!


Barbara said...

Wow really? I love Graham which reminds me he's on tonight. I just couldn't resist when I saw the name of your blog. Mine is just so dreadfully boring compared to this one.

Bridge said...

Bowdoin Sux. Did you know that the Brunswick Historical Museum has a "Bowdoin Club"? That is, an actual wooden club with spikes on it that local kids would chase around Bowdoin kids, Nathaniel Hawthorne and the like, and use it to beat them. Deservedly so I say. Batesy suck, too. And Colby.

GO UMAINE!!!!!!!

gih said...

he looks a real man here. haha.

Anonymous said...

Watching Shep (on Fox) just now and thought to myself "he sure resembles Graham Norton"

I Googled the 2 names together and found this blog. Clearly I'm not alone.