Tuesday, December 18, 2007

José Pablo Feinman. Thinker. Party-goer. Wants to change the Argentina flag by applying a tied hanky in the middle.


menwholooklikeoldlesbians said...
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Anonymous said...

Every time I think I've found a good one, something else is posted that makes my morning.

Claude said...

Lmao. A perfect Choice.

He is an Argentine left-wing writer who advocates the "cause" of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, that group of old wives that search their sons and daughters disappeared during the last junta government.

They use the tied hanky as a political logo.

So far so good, but their stances on human rights are hypocritical and, for instance, they support Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez, and justify terrorism.

Great post, man.

Anonymous said...

EPIC CHOICE, congratulations.

Chris D'Elia said...

For real. Just look like dudes already. I can't stand dudes who don't look like dudes.

DiSa said...

I feel like he would be able to tell me where I could find top quality pottery.

furgoner said...

este tipo es insoprtable

Anonymous said...

No seria demaciado?....si se pusiera un pañuelo en el medio de la bandera....me pareceria una manipulacion politica para atraer mas sectores, no creo que las abuela, madres y nietos de plaza de mayo se sentirian muy felices; creo que preferirian justicia antes de fachada.....
Ademas quiero agregar que lo que claude escribrio sobre que apoyan el terrorismo es totalmente falso.... de apoyar al terrorismo no estarian tratando dia y noche de hacer justicia con los terroristas de los militares que atentaron contra tantos argentinos inocentes....y el hecho de que lo escribiera con tanta solutura me parece un insulto...
Ademas, leer sobre los pensamientos del Che por ejemplo no le vendria mal, critican, solamente basados en lo que les incrustan en la cabeza......"Socialismo malo, capitalismo bueno" habria que leer un poco mas para fundamentar las criticas.....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

He looks like an ultra repulsive sort of Bettie Friedan. Yuck, he could turn a lesbian straight, or would it be the other way around. I'm so confused.

Sarah said...

He looks like one of my old professors who taught a seminar on Virginia Woolf.

Anonymous said...

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123 said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with supportin Hugo Chavez, CLAUDE? He is a democratic-elected president. He is not in war with any country. Most people of Venezuela loves him. There's no human rights problems in Venezuela.

If you want to know about human rights problems, you should look in Afganistan, Irak, Palestina and Guantanamo.

You are hypocritial, man.

fede said...

hm, i agree with the chinese guy

fede said...

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i completely agree, the world needs more people like this

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