Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Paul Jacobs. Organist. Teaches at The Julliard School. Known for giving marathon concerts featuring the complete organ works of JS Bach and Iron Butterfly.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As an organist I have seen many photos of Paul Jacobs, and this photo does not do the young man justice. You are taking the likeness of one of the most popular and talented young organists of our time in a field which has been under duress and distorting his public image. This is definitely not appreciated. The photo should be removed immediately.

I have eyes, you know said...

You mean to say that's not a woman? Are you sure? I think that's a woman. I mean, I'm not saying it's a gay woman -- maybe it's a straight woman. But a woman nonetheless. That can't be a man. No way. Can't be. I mean, look at that photo. That's a woman.

Anonymous said...

Under duress? Are they fucking kidding me? Duress? They don't know the meaning of the word "duress"! Troops in battle are under duress. Aid workers in Myanmar are under duress. Surgeons separating conjoined twins are under duress. But someone who leads such a life of luxury that they can play a few simple tunes on the organ to make a living instead of having to work in a coal mine or a sweatshop thinks their under duress? The word isn't duress, it's delusion! That person needs therapy. They have mental problems. Big mental problems. So big that looking exactly like a woman is the least of their problems!

Anonymous said...

Not appreciated by who? That photo is appreciated me because it's hysterical. The guy looks like my Aunt Paula!

Concert Violinist said...

Paul Jacobs looks so much like a woman that he might be an organist without an organ!

Also, isn't it kind of funny to describe an esoteric organist as "popular." Maybe someone runs an oxymoron blog and could include that.

If he doesn't want his public image "distored" then he shouldn't venture outdoors. It's a photo for crying out loud, the only thing distorted is the sense of humor of the person who posted that comment -- in other words, they don't have one!

Concert Violinist said...

P.S. -- It's also kind of funny to say it distorts his "public image" like it's Britney or Paris or George Clooney. I wonder if the paparazzi are chasing around Paul Jacobs round the clock, snapping thousands of photos of him in all his lesbian splendor.

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